Un bref résumé d’un nouveau rôle

Voilà mon premier article en français! Comme je reçois souvent des questions sur mon rôle en tant que Data Engineer de la part des internautes francophones, j’ai décidé de publier cet article afin d’expliquer le rôle de l’ingénieur des données au sein d’une entreprise, de manière simple et compréhensible.

Beaucoup de nous diraient que l’ingénierie des données en tant que profession existe depuis plus d’une décennie, peut-être même deux, depuis le moment quand les bases de données et les serveurs Microsoft SQL ont vu le jour. …

How to avoid some major mistakes and increase your chances to get the job

If you are looking for a Data Scientist/Engineer/Analyst, getting picked for an interview can be really hard nowadays. There are more and more people on the market and the job market is now slightly picking up in most of the places in the world.

Photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash

In my previous article A few tips to get a job in Data Science from a Junior I explained that my call back ratio using job board LinkedIn and Indeed to name a few were around 5–6%. There are a few other strategies that I could have used to increase the number of calls back, like…

Suggestions from an ex-job hunter to current job hunters

Getting a job in data science can sometimes be a real challenge. With the recent crisis, the number of jobs available declined everywhere. Meanwhile, the data science field is attracting more and more people, such as graduates from universities and people who are switching fields.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

The competition can be really difficult, and I have experienced this in the past year. After doing a few part-time courses online and in-class (SQL, Cloud Computing for Data Scientists…) and finishing a few projects, I started looking for a job. During my job hunting, I ended tracking my job applications and I realized that…

From #giletsjaunes to a dashboard on Kibana

In a previous article published earlier this year I explained how to set up a pipeline in AWS (Amazon Web Services) from the Twitter API to a data lake aka S3, How to Extract Data from Twitter through Cloud Computing. The aim of this new article is to cover the different services used to create a near-live dashboard and why to use them, this article would require basic knowledge in IT and AWS.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Let’s start now!

The Pipeline

First, check below the full pipeline I will cover in this article.

The Pipeline — From Twitter to Kibana — Diagram by Author

Twitter API

The data…

Prepare, explore, and understand WhatsApp users’ habits using Python.

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

Doing a new project and having a good idea can be challenging. During the last months, amidst the strange situation, we are all in, I did not know what project to do. I started a few projects but I did not finish them because the results were not promising and not worthy of an article. I knew that I did not want to use a Data Set on Kaggle or elsewhere, but I wanted to do an end-to-end project by using data that I would need to collect.

After browsing through articles/projects on Medium, thanks to the article of Samir…

A short tutorial for beginner in Python

Toronto is known for its crazy housing market. It’s getting harder and harder to find an affordable and convenient place. Searching for “How to find an apartment in Toronto” on Google leads to dozens of pages of advice, which is a pretty good indicator that apartment hunting is a painful process.

Photo by Richard Kidger on Unsplash

As a Data Scientist trainee, I was sure that I could alleviate this pain a bit and simplify the way people search for a place to live in. The project I came up with aims to find out the relationships between the price of an apartment in the Greater…

By using Python and the Tweepy library.

Photo by dole777 on Unsplash

Twitter is a great source of information for aspiring Data Analysts and Data Scientists. It is also the place of debates and polemics. Moreover, Twitter can be a good resource for text data; it has an API, the credentials are easy to acquire and there is a number of Python libraries available to help make calls to Twitter’s API.

A way to build up your portfolio is getting your hands-on natural language processing projects, but like on every project, the first step is getting hold of the data and then save these on your local computer or on the cloud…

How to commit, develop and be prepared for a challenge.

Photo: Helicopter/pixabay

Only you are in charge of your performance, you can determine what you think, and what you do what you feel. Critical to the successful completion of any mission is your ability to master your mind.

Your mindset plays a powerful role in determining how you will respond to the pressure of competition at work or in a sport and therefore the level of success you will achieve. Your mind is central to your capacity to change your psychological state, but it can also be the factor inhibiting you from…

Based on Susceptible-Infectious-Recovered Model

Social Distancing/Pixabay

The purpose of this post is to illustrate the incredible potential and effectiveness of social distancing measures (limiting meetings, hygiene, working from home, closing of schools, etc.) when a society is facing an epidemic that turns into a pandemic. You probably saw the word “social distancing” on social media or in the news.

A quick reminder: an epidemic is a chain reaction that changes everything about the potential impact of measures, such as social distancing.

To understand well the concept, imagine another situation: suppose that we are not facing an epidemic, but a danger of another…

CRISPR-Cas9 is a revolutionary tool that is now being used by many laboratories around the world. After reading an “article” on the Slate.fr site written by the journalist Vincent Manilève, I decided to write a reaction to this article, and present a summary on CRISPR-Cas9 and its’ possible applications.

Please click on the link to watch a video on the tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2pp17E4E-O8

Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna Source: https://www.sciencefocus.com/science/who-really-discovered-crispr-emmanuelle-charpentier-and-jennifer-doudna-or-the-broad-institute/

• Brief History:

CRISPR-Cas9 was discovered after several decades of research. The first step was made in 1987 when scientists discovered that a bacterium (Escherichia coli) had the ability to deactivate an infectious virus. This process was unknown…

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